8 Common Running Quirks

One thing runners are not shy about are their quirks and superstitions around running. You know you have a ritual you perform before, during, and after every run. Runners are notorious for rituals and it seems that we may even share a few of the same. The list below highlights some of the most common running quirks and superstitions.

Putting the right shoe on before the left – every time

You may switch it up and put the left shoe on first or have a specific order you put your running clothes on. No matter what, this clothing ritual is what, you think, will keep you from having a great run or a poor one.

Waving to other runners

Almost every runner will wave to others when they are out hitting the pavement. It’s a friendly reminder to other runners that you know their struggle, are giving them encouragement, and being friendly overall. Whether you are the runner being waved to or you’re waving at others, keep in mind that the other person may be in the zone and not wave back. Don’t get upset – it happens!

Self-bribe during runs

We are all guilty of this. Think back to a time that you were towards the end of a hard run and you keep bribing yourself to reach your goal. You may be thinking about all the food you’re going to inhale as soon as you get back home or how great it will be to sit down. Either way, you use this as motivation to get through your run and reward yourself.

Stashing drinks along your route

There is nothing more annoying than carrying a drink around with you on a run. If you haven’t invested in a camelback yet, you are definitely stashing water and Gatorade on your route to snag along the way.

Having a go to route

In order to leave your drinks along the route, you need to have a go to route in mind! We all have our go to routes that we have mapped out to the exact miles we want to run. These are great for days you are feeling lazy and don’t want to map out a new route that has unexpected twists and turns along the way.

Laying your clothes out before a big race

This if for all you marathon runners out there. A lot of runners will lay out their clothes and running essentials the night before. If they haven’t done that, they will at least have them collected in a spot that’s easy to grab in the morning. It’s just one less thing to think about on a big race day.

Eating the same thing before a run

Only you know what’s best for your body before a good run. You also know what you can absolutely not eat. It may have been a bit of trial and error before you got there, but now that you know what meal helps you reach that new PR, you eat it religiously before runs and races.

Always running full miles on the dot

This is something I’ve heard from a lot of runners. They have either mapped out their run to end perfectly on the mile or they will push themselves to run to the next full mile if they go over. It may be the slight OCD in us runners or the need to push ourselves further. Either way, there is nothing better than a nice round number to end a long run on.