Justin Furnari, a finance student at Michigan State University, balances his busy professional life with a number of fulfilling hobbies. An outdoorsman at heart, Justin enjoys golfing and hiking regularly and although his outdoor activities are typically reserved for weekends, he considers them an important part of his life and his overall well-being.

Justin lives in East Lansing, Michigan, and as an avid runner he regularly takes advantage of the wooded areas that surround his community. He enjoys finding running trails “off the beaten path” or simply blazing his own running trails as he explores new spots.

One of Justin’s favorite hiking experiences was when he hiked up to the Hollywood sign in California. The eight-mile round trip, 2,500 foot trek ultimately rewarded Justin with an unbelievable view of the entire city of Los Angeles, and inspired him to seek out more strenuous hikes in the future.

Justin Furnari loves to take on new challenges and enjoys trying new activities.